Writer Consultancy Services

So you've got the idea, perhaps penned some chapters. Maybe you've even written an entire novel. If you're really brave you might have sent off your fledgling tome to an agent. Well your great aunt Ethel read it and she thinks it's a work of genius. Judging from the lack of response though, Ethel could be wrong.

Experience. Support. Inspiration.

Truth is, writing is a tough business. Agents are overwhelmed by submissions. Publishers are pathologically risk-averse. Only the sure-fire successes get through. Oh, and we forgot to tell you, publishing is like no other industry so you can't compare its workings to shifting units, or selling tins of beans.

This is where a detached and expert eye comes in useful. We are published novelists with a passion for books, and editorial experience in a variety of genres.

Our job is to help you craft your rough material into a polished and professional looking product. Honest and constructive feedback is primary.

We won't always tell you what you want to hear. We do believe though that talent needs to be nurtured. Too often it's killed off by rejection.

Why us?

What makes us different to all those other consultancies out there? Firstly we know about the writing journey firsthand. We've been on that journey ourselves. We've jumped the hoops and skirted the obstacles. Most of all we understand the emotional highs and lows along the way. That's why we're committed to offering a professional yet personal service to new writers.

Secondly, as a small two-person team, we have the time to take that journey with you step by step. We can also give the continuity that a big consultancy with an enormous stable of readers can't guarantee. Many authors prefer this. It means you get to work with a single editor who has seen your novel develop over a number of drafts.

Still interested?

Why not send us your sample five opening pages along with your cover letter? We will read this free of charge. If we think your work has potential we will take you on. If we don't feel we can help, we'll say so and direct you to someone who can.

A professional yet personal service to new writers...